Can cast members wear sunglasses?


Sunglasses are not to be worn at night, in dark areas or indoors. Cast Members should remove sunglasses when engaging in extended interactions with a Guest. Sunglasses should not be visible when not in use.

Can I wear a sports bra in Disney?

Can you wear a sports bra at Disney? Disney reserves the right to bar anyone from the park it deems to be wearing improper attire. Therefore, cast members may prevent you from accessing the grounds if you wear a sports bra, crop top, or similar item.

Can Disney cast members paint their nails?

Good Show: Acceptable neutral colors for nail polish at work. No decals or charms are allowed on the nail. Male cast members may not wear nail polish at work, including clear nail polish. Disney has a lot of rules about how their cast members should look.

Can Disney cast members have tattoos?

According to the Disney cast member handbook, visible tattoos that are no larger than an extended hand are permitted except for any on the face, head, or neck. For larger tattoos on the arm or leg, employees can wear matching fabric tattoo sleeves.

Can Disney World cast members get into Disneyland Paris?

Cast Members can use their IDs as well as their Main Entrance Passes to get in free at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. Main Entrance Passes are not valid for Tokyo Disney, the water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), or Disney Quest.

Can Disney employees wear Apple watches?

NOTE: Again, only Cast Members in non-QSFB /Safety Critical roles may wear watches, Smart watches, and/or FitBits at work!

Can Disney cast members have nails?

Nails should be clean. If polish is used, it should be the same on each nail and well maintained in one solid color or French manicure style. Charms or decals on nails are not permitted. Fingernails should not exceed one-fourth of an inch beyond the fingertip.

Can you give gifts to Disney cast members?

For those non-tipped positions, often cast members can not accept anything of value (money, gift card etc.). However, small tokens of appreciation are truly appreciated by Cast Members. Carry some of these around your next trip and help give a Cast Member a magical moment after they have done an exceptional job. Can cast members take gifts?. As long as it’s not monetary, small gifts, like a keychain, are okay to give to Cast Members.

Can I wear a cast at Disneyland?

In Magic Kingdom Park, there are many attractions you can enjoy while wearing your arm cast! One of my favorites for relaxation and limited movement is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. It’s your highway in the sky! You’re able to view Tomorrowland and even Cinderella’s Castle from above.

Can Disneyland cast members accept tips?

Who NOT to Tip. Many Cast Members at Disney are not permitted to accept tips; however, if someone has gone above and beyond, there are other ways that guests can show appreciation. Cast Members often get perks if guests leave compliments about their service.

Why Do Actors and Celebrities Always Wear Sunglasses in Public?

Can cast members get into Club 33?

Anyone who desires access to the club must either have a membership themselves or have an approved reservation made in advance by a member. Walt did this intentionally as he desired an exclusive place in the park where corporate sponsors and celebrities could dine in VIP style and he could entertain guests worthy of …

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Can cast members accept tips?

You may tip Cast Members in the following roles: Dining Teams, including servers and sommeliers at table service restaurants and attendants at Club Level lounges. Room Service attendants.

Can you flirt with Disney employees?

And whatever you do, you should not be flirting with on-the-job Disney Cast Members. Furthermore, do not under any circumstances cross a discomforting line by asking a Disney Cast Member out on a date. That’s getting way too personal and potentially seen as probing or invading one’s privacy.

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