What does El Mirasol mean?



What does El Dedazo mean in Mexico?

Party practices The most important was the dedazo, with the finger (dedo) of the president pointing to the PRI candidate for the presidency, meaning the president choosing his successor.

What does the H mean on fuses?

A UL Class H fuse is a non-current limiting fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 10,000 amps. The Class H fuse is a one-time fuse that does not have any appreciable degree of time delay. Class H fuses are rated at either 250 volts AC or 600 volts.

What does it mean to reboot TV?

In more technical words, to reboot or restart something means to cycle the power state. When you turn the device off, it’s not receiving power. When it’s turned back on, it is getting power.

What does it mean when a car has a cold start?

A cold start in an internal engine refers to the start of operation without the cooling water and/or oil having been preheated beforehand and without pressure having been built up in the lubricating oil circuit beforehand or without sufficient oil reserves in the bearing points.

What does Kitchener mean in English?

noun. a person employed in, or in charge of, a kitchen.

What does boulevardier mean in French to English?

noun,plural bou·le·var·diers [bool-uh-vahr-deerz, boo-luh-; French booluh-var-dyey]. a person who frequents the most fashionable Parisian locales.

What does talega mean in Mexico?

talega. 1 (bolsa) sack; bag. 2 talegas (dinero) money. singular. ; (s) (México) (testículos) balls (vulgar) What does Boujee mean in France?. In mainstream American English, the word bougie – sometimes spelled boujee or boujie – is slang for a middle-class person who acts or wants to seem wealthier than they are. In French, une bougie is a candle or, more rarely, a spark plug.

What does Cote a Cote mean in English?

side by side

What does Cote d Azur mean in France?

Coast of Azure

How to pronounce El Mirasol, Palm Beach, FL in Dutch?

What does El Pocha mean?

Pocho (feminine: pocha) is slang in Spanish used in Mexico to refer to Mexican Americans and Mexican emigrants. It is often used pejoratively to describe a Mexican expatriate or a person of Mexican ancestry who lacks fluency or the ability to speak in Spanish and knowledge of Mexican culture.

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What does Puchi mean in Spanish slang?

puchi [m] BO:E. excrement. Colloquial.

What does B1 mean on motherboard?

Code b1 with the Dram light on could indicate a RAM issue. With your pc off, try clearing the cmos by pressing and holding the clear cmos button on the back for three seconds, it’s the green lighted button with the circular arrow. Then try booting up.

What does error 3 mean on freestyle Lite?

When the meter display screen shows an error message “Er3”, it means that an interruption in the signal transmission has occurred caused by incidentally pressing the buttons of the meter or moving the test strip. Repeat the blood glucose test. Take out a new test strip and insert it into the meter’s test strip port.

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